Adjustable Bed

The fact is that we spend one third of our lives in bed. Why then to people pay such little attention to the bed they sleep in and the quality of sleep they are getting. Many people will purchase a cheap or even second hand bed and not think anything of it. However studies have shown that the quality of our bed and ultimately how we sleep can affect our health, emotional state and quality of life. Therefore the quality of the bed we sleep in is important to us and should be looked at as an investment and not an expense.

What is the adjustable bed?

The adjustable bed put simply is an electric powered bed which can be adjusted to a height or angle (at the top or bottom that suits you). When you think of this type of bed you probably imagine the beds they have in hospitals. These hospital beds will often remind people of unpleasant memories such as being ill in hospital, therefore the quality of bed was not on our minds, and the quality of sleep would not have been good due to other reasons. Many companies have now taken the benefits and convenience from this style of bed to the private sector, to allow general consumers to purchase the bed.

Medical Benefits of the adjustable bed

Primarily the main benefit of the adjustable bed is that in can aid injured people and improve their healing process. It does this by being able to be ‘set’ to the desired angle and height. For example if I am suffering from a broken leg I may wish to raise that leg higher than the rest of my body. This will actually aid in the healing process and in some cases can ease the pain. Likewise if I were suffering from a back condition or perhaps a hip replacement, I may wish to keep my upper torso raised up. The adjustable bed can accommodate both requests very easily. By the use of some sort of remote control the bed user (or perhaps caregiver) is able to adjust the bed and raise/lower parts as required. This provides much needed relief to the patient at minimal work to them or others.

Other Benefits of the adjustable bed

Another benefit of the adjustable bed that is often overlooked is its convenience. As someone who likes to sit up in bed and read books, I find it difficult to adjust the pillows to give me the correct support and angle I require for comfortable reading. An adjustable bed takes that hassle away and via using a simple remote control device, I can adjust the height of the top side of the bed to give me the correct setting for the task at hand. We all have different requirements for sleep. Some people prefer their head raised and others as low as possible. With the use of adjustable beds we don’t need to rely on using too many or too few pillows, we can simply raise and lower the bed to meet individual sleeping requirements.





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